Bank Loan No Bureaucracy | Request in 5 minutes

An online personal loan can be the outlet for many of our problems. Whether it is to travel, invest in education, undertake or even a loan to pay off debts, having access to quick cash is anyone’s dream.

However, many do not even consider this possibility because they think the application process is too bureaucratic.

It is true that many financial institutions that offer personal loans may have bureaucratic and time-consuming procedures. But that is not the rule – there are no bureaucratic loan options on the market, as offered here .



Finding the bank in which you have an account to get personal credit seems the option that makes the most sense. However, bank procedures are filled with bureaucracy and even when the applicant is willing to carry out the process, it can be difficult to get approved and get the loan.

That is why online personal loan is the best option as it helps in times when the person needs urgent loan. For example, we did a table with a small comparison below:


Presentation of proof of income, work permit, original documents Completing form completely online
Process may take more than 7 days Cash in account in few hours *
Often requires a good as collateral Does not require a good as a guarantee
Generally, it is necessary to justify the allocation of money Money can be used for various purposes according to your goals.
You can face the big queues of the bank There are no queues, since everything is done by the computer or by your smartphone

* if approved


No-bureaucracy loan comes as an alternative to the slow and bureaucratic loans offered by banks. We give you the chance to have access to quick cash, without having to gather a lot of documents or even leave the house. Everything is done over the internet and with the greatest possible security.

The process takes the following steps:

  1. You do the simulation on our site, filling in the amount you need and the time you want to repay the loan;
  2. The simulator automatically returns you the fixed amount of the installments of your loan without bureaucracy ;
  3. Fill in the cadastral data, including your bank account data, which can only be viewed for credit analysis and to ensure that you are the owner of the registered account (do not worry, because there is no possibility of making transactions);
  4. It confirms the conditions, accepts the terms of the contract and confirms the request;
  5. The answer comes in a matter of minutes: if approved, the money falls into your account in a matter of hours.

This whole process is very fast and you have the great advantage of doing everything without leaving home. To evaluate your profile and approve or not the loan, makes a careful analysis of your account and your credit score from the data reported, reducing much of the bureaucracy.

We are always looking to improve our analysis system to offer options that best fit your profile and your needs, as well as further expedite the process to offer the best loan without bureaucracy . You also will not need to send any documents at the time of request.

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